Week beginning 20th April 2020

Monday 20th April

Welcome back after the Easter Break! We hope you are all ok and that you didn’t eat too many Easter Eggs!! Recipe for Playdough To make playdough at home you will need:•1 cup flour•1 cup water•1/2 cup salt•1 tbsp oil•Food colouring (optional) Throw it all into a saucepan on the… Continue reading

Tuesday 21st April

If you haven’t played this song for a while, press play and have a little dance to start off your day. If you made the playdough yesterday, try adding some animal toys to make footprints on the playdough. View this post on Instagram We’ve been learning about animals in the… Continue reading

Wednesday 22nd April

An activity that the children enjoy in school is drawing whilst listening to classical music. You could try it at home. Find a big piece of paper (if you have a wall paper roll, this would work too) Place the paper / wall paper on the floor (inside or outside)… Continue reading

Thursday 23rd April

We love sensory activities and getting messy in school. Why not try mixing cornflour with water to make a ‘gloop’ activity. It’s great fun! You can explore it with your hands or use spoons or sticks to draw shapes in it. We often like to use the ‘Singing Hands’ You… Continue reading

Friday 24th April

Our children love to work on activities and songs about shapes. This is one of the songs that we sing in school. You can ask your children to make a picture with shapes at home. Continue reading

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