Staff and their Coordinator Roles

Becky BlakeleyTeaching Practitioner / First Aider / Transport / Outdoor Coordinator
Courtney RobertsTeaching Practitioner / Educational Resources Coordinator
Edona VeliuTeaching Practitioner / Accessibility Coordinator / Global Citizenship
Erin WalkerTeaching Practitioner
Hannah AustinTeaching Practitioner
Hayley WhitfieldTeaching Practitioner / Money Bees / Supply Staff Coordinator
Jackie WhalleyTeaching Practitioner / Uniform / Dental SMILE Coordinator
Julie Miller School Caretaker
Katie JuddTeaching Practitioner / First Steps Early Engagement Coordinator
Kim WrightTeacher
Liz JonesTeacher / ALNCo / Curriculum & Assessment / Fire Safety Coordinator
Lucy SamuelsTeaching Practitioner
Mel JonesTeaching Practitioner / Well Being / ELSA / Money Bees Coordinator
Nia JonesTeaching Practitioner
Nina PryceAdministrator / Clerk to the Governors / Website / Money Bees Coordinator
Olivia BerryTeaching Practitioner
Rachel SamuelsTeaching Practitioner / Environmental / Community / Creative Arts Coordinator
Rhian HughesHeadteacher / Curriculum & Assessment / Safeguarding and LAC / Community Coordinator
Ryleigh BlakelyTeaching Practitioner / Physical Development Coordinator
Sara WilliamsTeaching Practitioner / Home School Link / Communication / Snack Coordinator
Sarah EvansTeaching Practitioner
Sophie GillettTeaching Practitioner / School Meals / Visual Resources Coordinator
Toni GwilliamTeacher / Health and Safety / ICT
Vickie JonesTeacher
Yvonne RowleyTeaching Practitioner / Hygiene / First Aider / ELKLAN / Instagram Coordinator

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