Who works at Ysgol Cae’r Gwenyn?

Rhian Hughes                        Headteacher

Rachel Costeloe                    Teacher / ALNCo – Additional Learning Needs Coordinator

Elizabeth Jones                     Teacher / ALNCo – Additional Learning Needs Coordinator

Jackie Whalley                      Teaching Assistant Level 4 / School Uniform / SMILE Coordinator

Sara Williams                        Teaching Assistant Level 4 / Home School Links Coordinator

Emma Dransfield                  Teaching Assistant Level 4 / Parent Coordinator

Jacqueline Feehan                 Teaching Assistant Level 4 / Flying Start Supervisor

Yvonne Rowley                      Teaching Assistant Level 2 / Hygiene Coordinator / ELKLAN Coordinator

Melanie Jones                         Teaching Assistant Level 2 / Family Learning Coordinator / ELSA Coordinator

Rebecca Blakeley                   Teaching Assistant Level 2 / School Transport Coordinator / Flying Start

Mary Wiggan                          Teaching Assistant Level 2 / Environmental Coordinator / ELKLAN Coordinator              

Sophie Gillett                         Teaching Assistant Level 2 – One to one Support / School Meals Coordinator

Courtney Roberts                 Teaching Assistant Level 2 – Nursery / Reception / Educational Resources Coordinator

Sarah Rye                              Teaching Assistant Level 2 – One to one Support / Food Hygiene Coordinator

Katie Judd                             Teaching Assistant Level 2 

Cerys Jones                           Teaching Assistant Level 2

Nina Pryce                             Administrator (School Secretary) Clerk to the Governors 

Julie Miller                            School Caretaker


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