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Why not practice your Makaton today with Singing Hands. This is a favourite of ours.. Continue reading

Here’s a great sensory activity that you can do at home. All you need is a tray, some water, food colouring, a straw and baking soda! Continue reading

Try this number game at home. We made it with milk bottle tops, paper and pens! Continue reading

Here’s another number activity that you can do at home. All you need are lolly pop sticks and pegs… Continue reading

Here is a great activity that you can do at home… Fill some balloons with water and food colouring, put them in the freezer and see the results.. Continue reading

Support at home during this difficult time.

We here at Ysgol Cae’r Gwenyn want to do whatever we can to help you during this uncertain time. Each day we will post some activities / links on our daily diary page to help you to support your child at home.

Try not to worry about your child falling behind; these are unprecedented times and your child’s health and well being is far more important.

If you have any questions or just want a chat, please don’t hesitate to phone us on 01978 356177 or contact us on mailbox@ysgolcaergwenyn.wrexham.sch.uk

Stay safe

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  1. What a fantastic year I have had, the teachers and the TA’s do a fantastic job , the children have an amazing time there. I really hope I am lucky enough to escort the children in September. Love Jan 💖

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