Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Monday 15th June

Makaton Monday! Why not start the day off with a song from Singing Hands. Don’t forget to join in with the Makaton Signs. Here is a video of some greetings using Makaton. Continue reading

Tuesday 16th June

We’re looking at numbers today! Let’s start with this counting song. You can set up a number hunt for your child at home. Here’s a nice activity where you can write the numbers on some card, hide numbers in some sand and ask you child to find the numbers and… Continue reading

Wednesday 17th June

There are lots of fun activities that you can have with sand. If you haven’t got any sand at home, you can always use Cheerios. Put the Cheerios in a blender and you have edible sand! Try hiding toys, letters and numbers in the sand for your child to find. Continue reading

Thursday 18th June

It’s Thursday which means we need to remind ourselves about Mindfulness. Have a go at this Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure. Continue reading

Friday 19th June

Can you go on your own scavenger hunt today? Can you find as many things in your house, in your garden or out on your walk that are the colour red? Use this Scavenger Hunt Sheet from Orchard Toys to help you. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/orchardtoys/fs/pdf/can_you_spot…_something_red_activity_sheet.pdf?utm_source=Orchard+Toys+-+Consumer&utm_campaign=2013f99353-daily-activity-sheet-17062020-consumer&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f800d4fff6-2013f99353-303436389&mc_cid=2013f99353&mc_eid=31f6fd412d Continue reading

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