Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Tuesday 24th March

Each morning we start the day with a song and a dance. The children love dancing to ‘Hands Up’ by Justin Fletcher. Use this link to You Tube to dance to it at home. Have you registered with Twinkl? There are lots of great resources on there including this Play… Continue reading

Wednesday 25th March

Start your day with ‘Hands Up’ again. If you made the play dough recipe yesterday you could use pasta shells in the play dough to make all sorts of different things. Another counting song. Continue reading

Thursday 26th March

Before we have snack each day we look at our number lines. We count from 1 -10 and back from 10 – 0. Here is a link to the Twinkl website. You could always print out some number lines for you to use at home. https://content.twinkl.co.uk/resource/35/d3/t-n-2545131-1-10-number-line.pdf?__token__=exp=1585136392~acl=%2Fresource%2F35%2Fd3%2Ft-n-2545131-1-10-number-line.pdf%2A~hmac=e8836dbbb7ce297171894bd3e9c5f0a8d0366dd79262d94d83913ca95f073e67 We sing this song… Continue reading

Friday 27th March

We love reading stories at school. One of our favourites is ‘Shhh’ written by Sally Grindley. If you are looking for a book to read at home with your child then this is a really good one, they’ll love it. Continue reading

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