Early Education

Our Early Education session starts at 12.30pm and runs until 3pm

Each session follows a similar pattern. Every child enjoys the structure and security that this format offers.

  1. The children start the session by playing outside / inside for a short while.
  2. Self – registration.
  3. Large Circle Time (adult led) – this is a time when we take part in a range of activities and talk about things that interest the children. We all get together to sing and to join in with poems and action rhymes.
  4. Snack Time – the children are given a choice of either milk or water and are offered a selection of fruit.
  5. Play Time – the children now carry out their plan. This is the time that they try things out, problem solve, practise and experiment. Staff work alongside the children, supporting and encouraging them during their play, being there to share their many experiences.
  6. Tidy Up Time – we all tidy up the equipment and put things away.
  7. Singing together before going home.

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